Welcome Xavier alumni!

We are blessed to serve the Xavier Catholic Schools alumni community in several ways, from welcoming alumni back to Xavier with a variety of special events, assisting individual classes with their reunions, or providing alumni updates in the X, the Xavier Magazine, the monthly alumni newsletter, or on this website!

Alumni truly define our alma mater and serve as its strongest legacy. Each alum is important to us as you hold a vital part of the #XavierXperience through your own personal journey as a student here.

This area of the web site is designed to keep our alumni informed of special events, activities, and programs. Stay connected with your friends, former classmates, teachers and all those who made your experience at Xavier memorable by creating an account on the exclusive Xavier Hawks Connect (AlumniFire) page. Click here for more information about Xavier Hawks Connect.

We love seeing you at games, theatre productions, and visiting the school, as well as having our students learn from your personal and professional experiences. The Advancement Office provides opportunities for alumni throughout the year and even opportunities for you and your family to continue to create lasting memories with the Xavier Catholic Schools community!

Be sure to stay in touch and take advantage of the many events available throughout the year. Whether it’s attending your class reunion, the homecoming football game, What Moves You (new in 2020), Celebrate, Xavier Day, or the annual Alumni Fall Musical and Reception, there are a variety of options from which to choose. Click here to view upcoming events.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Advancement team:

Lisa Pfaff, Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events

Bob Biebel, Vice President of Advancement

Stephanie Zinser, Advancement Operations Coordinator

St. Francis Xavier, Pray for us.  Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

On the following lists, we remember Xavier alumni who have passed away,
and honor those Xavier alumni veterans who have served.