Board of Trustees

The Xavier Catholic School System Board of Trustees is comprised of dedicated parents, parents of alumni and community leaders focused on both the current and future needs of the Xavier System ensuring the highest quality Catholic Education.  The Board of Trustees works in conjunction with the Xavier Corporate Board, headed by the Bishop of Green Bay, the eight Appleton Pastors and Parish Leaders and the System President. 

This supportive and engaged board implements the strategic plan and supports the mission of the System as a Christ-centered community dedicated to faith formation, academic excellence, community engagement, and individual growth of our students in a safe environment. 

The Board of Trustees and their supporting subcommittees work for the benefit of the Xavier System based upon the following strategic pillars:

 Admissions  Advancement
 Education  Finance
 Human Resources  Infrastructure
 Parish Relations/Catholic Identity  Student Life


Brian Wierzbinski Board of Trustees Member

Brian Wierzbinski (Chair)

Bob Ellis Board of Trustees Member

Bob Ellis (Secretary)

Holly Kowalski Board of Trustees Member

Holly Kowalski

Jake VandeHey Board of Trustees Member

Jake VandeHey

Chris Wolske Board of Trustees Member

Christopher Wolske

Eric Kessenich Board of Trustees Member

Eric Kessenich (Vice Chair)

Daniel Aragon Board of Trustees Member

Daniel Aragon (Exec Committee)

Sam Pociask Board of Trustees Member

Sam Pociask

Marcia VandenBrink Board of Trustees Member

Marcia Vanden Brink

Arist Mastorides Board of Trustees Member

Arist Mastorides (Treasurer)

Richard Del Viscio Board of Trustees Member

Richard Del Viscio

Mike Steers Board of Trustees Member

Mike Steers

Diane Walters Board of Trustees Member

Diane Walters

The Board of Trustees meets in August, October, December, February, April, and June every academic year.  Board meetings are open to the public. Anyone desiring to address the board at an upcoming meeting must submit a request to the board chair at least 14 days prior to the meeting. Please email the completed and signed form to

Meeting time and location are subject to change. Please see the link below for the updated schedule and meeting minutes.