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Visual Arts

Elementary School

The St. Francis Xavier Elementary art program offers students an opportunity to explore the basics of art, art history, various art mediums, and learn important life skills. With each project, students learn and apply basic terminology associated with the color wheel, elements of design, and the principles of design. Students will also look at famous artworks and explore the styles of many famous artists.

As students learn these basic art skills, they are also learning basic life skills such the ability to problem-solve, fine motor coordination, creativity, and expression. Elementary art is a time for exploration. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums which may include clay, tempera paint, watercolor, and drawing. We look forward to unlocking your child's creative side!

Elementary School Art Faculty

Photo of Nicholas Neuman

Nicholas Neuman

Art Teacher

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Middle School

The visual art curriculum continues to build on students’ knowledge of, and experiences in art. Students work with color, line, shape, texture, form, and design in a variety of lessons. These lessons include two and three-dimensional art; drawing, painting, printing, metal tooling, collage, fiber art, and sketchbooks. Developing an appreciation for art and art history is also emphasized, along with reading and writing about artists and their contributions to art and design. The year culminates with a school-wide art show in May.

Projects include:

  • Still Life Drawing
  • Art History Study
  • Portraiture Study
  • Oil Pastel Illustration
  • Landscape Painting
  • Printmaking & Composition
  • One Perspective Scenes
  • Paper Mache Sculpture

Middle School Art Faculty

Photo of Malgorzata Fuehrer

Malgorzata Fuehrer

Art Teacher

High School

The Xavier High School art department focuses on developing the techniques used in various art forms while cultivating a positive, empowering and encouraging environment for the students to learn. Students from all skill levels can find a course that fits their interest and needs.

  • Introduction to Art and the 2D/3D Design Courses are designed to expand student’s skills and build the foundation for more advanced art courses such as painting, drawing, and ceramics.
  • Art and a Balanced Mind incorporates visual art journal activities along with various projects such as a ceramic sculpture, beaded jewelry and embroidered bookmarks.
  • Arts and Crafts focus on a variety of crafts from around the world such as glass mosaics, ceramic pottery, and sumi paintings.

Students are encouraged to expand their art vocabulary and understand art techniques. While some students may focus on building skills for careers within the art realm others are developing an outlet for their expressive thoughts and ideas.

By providing a positive art experience students continue to grow and will find ways to make art part of their adult lives feeling confident and assured that they have an artistic voice they can be proud to share.

High School Art Faculty

Photo of Melanie Balthazor

Melanie Balthazor

Art Teacher

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