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Stage Crew Opportunities

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Stage Crew Information

The stage crew is an integral part of any production. The paragraphs below describe the types of crew activities and the types of shows produced at Xavier High School.

Stage hand

Most of the people who work on the stage crew will be involved as stage hands. They are responsible for pre-setting the scenery before the show as well as shifting scenery between scenes and at intermission. Because the scenery shifts often occur in full view of the audience and in time with the music – our stage hands really are performers! This is the reason the stage crew attendance at rehearsals and performances is so important.

Prop crew

Members of the prop crew keep the props organized and in good repair, but their most important job is to ensure that all props are in place at the start of each rehearsal and performance. Attention to detail is important. Depending on the production, prop crew members may also work as stagehands

Fly person

The fly person works the ropes that move curtains and scenery (and sometimes people) up and down. This person must be capable of operating the fly system safely. The fly person must attend more rehearsals than the rest of the crew as their shifts are rehearsed early in the process. Above average upper body strength is required for this job. Fly persons often help with other backstage tasks.

Follow spot operators

Follow spots are the lights that are used in some musical numbers. The follow spot operator must be attentive and able to properly control the spot light instruments, which are positioned above the tech booth at the back of the theatre. Lighting crew: The lighting crew hangs, focuses, and programs all the lights for the show. Most of this crew works other positions during the show, since the maximum number of light board operators for a performance is two.

Sound crew

The sound crew works as a team to ensure that all the microphones and sound board are set up correctly. Also, they place mics on the performers before the performance and remove them after. During the performance, they work as a team to follow the script and turn the mics on and off as required. The sound crew also manages all the recorded sound effects in the show.

Hair and makeup crew

This crew assists the cast in applying makeup before the show and assisting with wig and costume changes during the performance. This crew has an earlier report time than most crews on performance days.

Light Board Operator

High level of experience and availability required) The light board operator is in charge of lighting during the performance. Board operators must attend more rehearsals than most technicians.

Assistant Stage Managers (ASM)

(high level of experience and availability required) There is usually one ASM on each side of the stage during performances. In highly technical shows, there may be more. The ASM works with the Stage Manager, director and crew to ensure that set pieces are stored properly offstage, moved to their “ready” positions before a shift and moved onstage to the correct position at the right time. The ASM also takes direction from the director and Stage Manager to resolve technical problems that arise during run-throughs and performances.

Administrative Assistants

(strong computer skills required) Administrative assistants help to keep all aspects of the production coordinated by assisting the director with notes, schedules, lists and other paperwork. It may be possible to complete some tasks at home. This job is good for someone who has more time after school than in the evenings or for seniors who have an “off” hour during the day.

Deck Managers

(experience required) Deck managers are assistants to the Assistant Stage Managers. They help make sure all scenery (onstage and off) is in the right place at the right time.

Stage Manager

(high level of experience and availability required)The Stage Manager is in charge of the technical aspects of the show during dress rehearsals and performances. He or she must attend many rehearsals and all run-through and dress rehearsals, as well as all performances.

Please see or email Mr. Romenesko if you have any questions about the stage crew jobs.


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