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Dress Code

Xavier Elementary School, as a private educational institution, reserves the right to determine and insist upon a norm of appearance for its students. The goal of the dress code is to promote the virtues of modesty and self-respect, as well as to create an atmosphere that is appropriate to the task of educating young people. Students are expected to dress in a manner that indicates they understand the difference between being dressed for a day at school or being dressed for a recreational/social activity outside of school time.

2023-2024 Dress Code

The dress code of Xavier Elementary School is in place for grades Kindergarten – 4th grade to ensure that students attend school appropriately dressed and groomed in such a way to promote self-dignity, pride, and self-respect. In all cases, the Xavier Elementary School administration will make the final decisions determining if a student’s dress is in compliance with the dress code guidelines.

The following guidelines do not cover every possible situation. Questionable attire will be referred to an administrator for arbitration. Since styles of clothing and hair change rapidly, the administration reserves the right to restrict fashions that are inappropriate as well as to interpret what is considered to be in poor taste or distracting to the learning environment.

You may purchase school uniform items at local retailers, or by visiting Land’s End at by clicking on School Uniform and then entering St. Francis Xavier Catholic School System. While solid color uniform items may be purchased at many other stores, the plaid mentioned in the dress code may only be purchased through Land’s End.

Kindergarten - 4th grade girls and boys guidelines


A collared shirt, button-down or polo style is required. Shirts may be navy blue, red or white in color and may be long or short sleeved. Single logos that are no larger than a quarter may be worn (ex. small Under Armor logo on the front left side of a plain red polo). Official Xavier Elementary School spirit-wear polo shirts are allowed. Note that Xavier-wear t-shirts may not be worn on regular dress code days. These shirts may only be worn on casual days. Turtlenecks may be worn in place of a shirt; same colors as above. Shirts need to be tucked in at all times.

Jumpers & Dresses
(Girls only!)

Navy or red jumpers or polo-style dresses may be worn all year. Also, girls may wear plaid jumpers. The CLASSIC NAVY LARGE PLAID may be purchased from Land’s End by visiting A school dress code shirt or turtleneck must be worn with a jumper, see above.


Pants may be worn all year. Plain navy dress pants (twills or cords not knit material) with no rivets or contrasting stitching are acceptable. No cargo or carpenter pants are allowed. Leggings may only be worn under skirts/dresses and may not be worn in the place of shorts or pants.


Shorts may only be worn in the months of August, September, October, May and June. Solid navy blue walking shorts (dress shorts) with pockets are acceptable. Capris in navy are an acceptable option. Shorts made of denim, spandex, knit, and athletic type materials are not appropriate. Length must be mid-thigh which typically means the shorts extend beyond the fingertips when arms are held straight down at the side.

Skorts  &  Skirts
(Girls only!)

Navy blue skorts and skirts may be worn all year. Skorts and skirts in CLASSIC NAVY LARGE PLAID from Land’s End are acceptable. Skorts and skirts must be no more than 3” from the knee. Skirts may only be worn on physical education days if playground shorts are worn underneath the skirts.

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Cardigan, sweatshirt, fleece, v-neck, crew neck or vest sweaters that are solid red, white, or navy blue in color may be worn. Merchandise logos or designs should be no bigger than a quarter. A school dress code shirt or turtleneck must be worn with a sweater, fleece, vest or sweatshirt. Xavier crew neck, partial zip, front zip sweatshirts or fleece may also be worn in place of a sweater, but they need to be in the color of red, white, navy blue or grey. Xavier wear in colors other than red, white, navy blue or grey may not be worn on uniform days. Hoods are permitted but must remain down during the school day.

Socks, Tights & Leggings

Socks in solid colors are permitted. Tights or tight fitting leggings in solid colors (red, white, or navy blue) are permitted. Leggings are permitted under skirts, skorts, jumpers and dresses only; they cannot be worn as pants alone. Students are required to wear socks or stockings with their shoes.


Everyday shoes must be non-marking and have a closed heel and closed toe. Sandals/Crocs are not allowed. The heel cannot be more than 1”. Designs and colors need to be appropriate for a school setting. Shoes with blinking lights or roller wheels are not permitted. Boots may not be worn as indoor footwear. This includes fashion boots that are above the ankle in length.


Belts are not required, but if worn must be black, brown, navy, red, or white. CLASSIC NAVY LARGE PLAID belts from Land’s End are also acceptable for girls. Scarves may not be used as belts.

Hair & Hair Accessories

Hair must be clean, neatly combed, out of the eyes, a natural shade, and of reasonable style. Males may not wear headbands or any other device in their hair.

Jewelry & Make-up

Jewelry is discouraged for safety reasons. Females may wear earrings but long, dangly earrings are not permitted. Make-up is also not permitted.



preschool guidelines

Children in PK3 and 4K do NOT wear school uniforms. While these children may wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for active play, we do ask the following:


In order for children to engage in safe and active play, shoes must have a closed toe and heel. Sandals/Crocs are not allowed. Tennis shoes are preferred.


Dresses with spaghetti straps may not be worn without a sweater and tube tops/tank tops are not allowed. Also, children should wear clothes that are very easy for them to pull down/ up independently when using the restroom.



Casual days are defined as non- dress code days and they occur throughout the year. During these days, students in Grades K-4 are excused from wearing the school uniform if they choose, and may wear casual clothes. Acceptable shirts are: tee-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, etc. No sleeveless shirts or tank tops are allowed unless worn with a sleeved shirt or sweater. Acceptable bottoms are: jeans, cargo pants, sweatpants, athletic shorts, etc. Shorts may only be worn in August, September, October, May, and June.

Please note that the following items are also not allowed on casual dress days: sandals, clogs, crocs, tank tops or overly tight or baggy clothing. Please note that on non-uniform days students may not wear leggings as pants, spandex shorts, or overly tight yoga pants/jeggings. Non-dress code shorts must still follow the length guidelines.

These clothes must still meet the dress code standard of being clean, modest, in good repair and free from any sayings or symbols that would be inappropriate in a Catholic School setting.

Download a copy of the 2022-2023 Xavier Elementary Dress Code.

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