Xavier Theatre Academy Frequently Asked Questions

Xavier Theatre Academy

A Program of the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School System
Presented by the Xavier Theatre Club & Christmas Stars
With support from and the Thomas Feavel and Marge Bekkers Charitable Trust

1. "What are the eligibility requirements for participating in Xavier Theatre Academy?"

  • Northeast Wisconsin students who are CURRENTLY in Grades 1 - 4 are ONLY eligible for Show Two*. 

  • Northeast Wisconsin students who are CURRENTLY in Grades 5 - 9 are eligible for BOTH Show One AND Show Two*. 
*Casting/Technician acceptance is generally given to students who are fully available for all rehearsal sessions for the  show(s) in which they are interested, with some exceptions granted on a case-by-case basis. Students are NOT eligible for a show if they are not fully available for all dress rehearsals, preview shows, performances and strike for that show.

 2. "What is the timeline for the Xavier Theatre Academy program?" 
  • Show One - Spring (April – June)  
    • Early sessions for Show One may be scheduled in April and May, with dates and times provided during registration; some cast members and technicians may not be called for part or all of some early sessions  
    • Regular sessions Monday through Friday 12:15-4:15pm during the first three weeks of June*  
    • Saturday before opening: Build Day (am, all technicians required; cast optional) Dry Tech (pm, technicians only - required)  
    • Performances in the evenings during the third week; matinees on Friday and Saturday of closing weekend**  
*Evening sessions may be called instead of daytime sessions during the first week of June, dependent upon the last day of school for area districts
**Dress rehearsals during regular sessions Monday – Thursday of performance week 
  • Show Two - Summer (July)  
    • Regular sessions Wednesday through Friday 12:15-4:15pm during first week of rehearsal*  
    • Regular sessions Monday through Friday 12:15-4:15pm during the second week of rehearsal  
    • Performances in the evenings during the third week; matinees on Friday and Saturday of closing weekend* 
* Dress rehearsals during regular sessions Monday – Thursday of performance week
3. "What are the audition requirements?"
During online registration, students sign up for an audition appointment. This is roughly a 5-minute window during which they will perform a vocal and acting audition. They will then be placed into a small group to perform their dance audition combination. Total time commitment for general auditions is approximately one hour. All materials required for auditions are provided by academy staff. Students are expected to prepare for auditions to the best of their ability (i.e. no “cold reads”). 
4. "If my child auditions (or interviews as a Technician applicant), will he/she be cast in a show?"

Academy is NOT a no-cut audition. Please be aware that academy auditions are highly competitive, as talented students from all over Northeast Wisconsin are eligible. Academy productions are fun and exhilarating, but intense, with participating students having a strong desire to better themselves as performers and technicians. Students are cast with the expectation that they will participate fully, prepare, rehearse and perform with a high level of commitment while adhering to professional practices and demonstrating superb behavioral and cooperative skills. Actions contrary to this goal are not acceptable and will result in consequences up to and including dismissal from the program with no refund.
The academy director has the final say in all issues pertaining to the academy operation, casting, and duties/responsibilities during performances. Participation in the academy is based on skills and potential exhibited during the audition/technician interview as well as availability.

5. "Can I sign up for ONLY the audition workshop if my child isn't sure about auditioning yet?"

 Yes! Please contact Steve Kovacs (Associate Academy Director) if you would like to sign up for the workshop prior to completing registration for an audition.

6. "My child is eligible for both shows. I need help selecting one or both shows for him/her to be considered."

 Only students who are currently in Grades 5 - 9 are eligible for both shows. Availability should be your first consideration. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students who are new to the program indicate that they are interested in EITHER or BOTH shows if availability allows. This provides new students with the best chance of being cast, either in one or both of the productions.

7. "Can I see this season’s academy schedule? I'm not sure if my child is available."

 This year's full academy calendar will be posted on the Xavier Theatre Academy website and sent to our email list as soon as it is available. It is also available via the online registration form.

8. "My child isn't available for all of the rehearsals and/or performances listed in the academy calendar for the show(s) in which he/she would like to participate. Will this affect his/her casting?"

 As each Xavier Theatre Academy production only lasts about three weeks, casting is typically given to students who are fully eligible for the entire rehearsal and performance schedule for the show(s) in which they are interested. Some minor conflicts can occasionally be circumnavigated and are addressed on an individual basis; this is not done for conflicts that prevent a student from fully attending a dress rehearsal, preview, performance or strike. Parents MUST list all known and/or potential conflicts in the registration form at the time of registration, and any deviation from the information provided can affect continued participation in a production.
Barring emergencies such as injury, illness or loss of a family member, students are expected to adhere to the time commitment for rehearsals and performances, less any conflicts indicated on the registration form.
9. "How much does it cost for my child to participate in an academy production?"
Information is provided in the sample registration form on the website. Sample registration forms from previous seasons will provide an estimate of tuition costs and are subject to change for the upcoming season.
Costume Policy:
Most costumes are provided. However, the following personal items are required for performers depending on their assigned role. Black ballet or jazz slippers, black character shoes (single strap vs. t-strap) for females, black or brown dress shoes (depending on role) for males and/or tap shoes may be required and are the responsibility of the student. Undergarments are also the responsibility of the student. Tights and other costume pieces are provided. More details will be provided to those who are cast in the show(s) once characters are assigned.
Character wigs are provided for students. Please note: the hairstyle worn at auditions should be maintained unless you are informed otherwise. Performers should not have drastic changes to hair style (short cuts, coloring, perm, etc.) without a consultation with the director. Some modern styles will need to be modified. Expenses (wigs or re-styling made necessary by variance from this rule) are the responsibility of the student.
10. "Are scholarships available for assistance with tuition costs?”
There are no scholarships available directly from the Xavier Theatre Academy. However, some employers and school systems do offer scholarship opportunities. The Xavier Theatre Academy will gladly provide documentation to assist you in securing such scholarships.
 11. “My child is only interested in being a Technician. Does he/she have to attend the audition workshop or schedule an audition time?”
No! Parents of prospective technicians who are new to the program might consider attending the orientation before the audition workshop, but technicians should not plan on participating in the workshop unless also auditioning for a role.
Technicians are not required to sign up for an audition time as part of registration. They are interviewed by appointment, separate from auditions. Jim Romenesko will contact parents of prospective technicians to schedule interviews. You must complete the registration form to be contacted for a technician interview. By selecting "Technician" at the appropriate step in the form, you will not be directed to the audition sign-up page.
 12. “How do I register for the Xavier Theatre Academy?”
An online form will be provided for registration, with the link published on the Xavier Theatre Academy website. We will also notify our email subscribers when the registration form is available. If you’d like to receive email updates from Xavier Theatre Academy, visit  the website and submit your contact information. Audition sign-ups are completed as part of the online registration process.
13. "My child hasn't participated in the Xavier Theatre Academy before. Can I get more information about it before I register?"
Please view the sample registration form, available on the Xavier Theatre Academy website, for additional information. If you have further questions, please contact Jim Romenesko (XTA Director) or Steve Kovacs (Associate XTA Director).