St. Francis Xavier Fund

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The St. Francis Xavier Fund is THE BEST and most important way to ensure our System’s health and vitality today and into the future. 

The financial sustainability of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Schools depends upon the shared support of literally hundreds of families, individuals, and organizations. The education that our students receive from preschool through grade 12 prepares them well in academics, faith, and service. Tuition from our families covers just 58% of our expenses. Generous parish investment from the parishioners in our eight Appleton parishes and 15 regional parishes represents 21%. Opportunities like the St. Francis Xavier Fund are essential parts of the 24% of our expenses that are funded by third source revenue.

You can designate your gift to the St. Francis Xavier Fund to any of the following seven areas:

  • Greatest Need
  • Academics/Faith Formation
  • Athletics
  • Facilities/Maintenance
  • Fine Arts
  • Technology
  • Tuition Assistance

Your support plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the overall excellence of Xavier Catholic Schools, and furthering its position as the area’s most premier Catholic educational experience.  Thank you for investing in our future leaders!

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