Hall of Honors

The Hall of Honors was established in 2009 to honor distinguished Xavier alumni. Over the years, we have honored and inducted 28 amazing alumni into the Hall of Honors. We will continue to honor distinguished alumni, however, there will be some changes. One significant change is that we are making the nominating process easier and less labor intensive for those who want to nominate someone. Click here for our shorter and easier nomination form. 
Please consider nominating a deserving alum today. 

Congratulations to the 2018 recipients honored at the Xavier Alumni Hall of Honors Recognition Ceremony on Friday, October 5!

2018 Xavier Alumni Hall of Honors:
Captain Michael L. Weeldreyer, USN (’91)
Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, OSF (’77)
Doug Simon (’87)

2018 Honorary Alumni Award:
Jim Romenesko

Hall of Honors Ceremony Videos

Doug Simon
Sister Mary Ann Spanjers
Captain Michael L. Weeldreyer
Jim Romenesko

If you have questions about the Alumni Hall of Honors or Honorary Alumni Award, please contact
Lisa Pfaff at lpfaff@xaviercatholicschools.org or (920) 735-9380.

We also honor our previous inductees and honorary alumni recipients, as well as our departed alumni and veterans. Thank you for all you have done!

Previous Honorary Alumni Recipients

Jim Romenesko
  Gus* & Helen* Zuehlke
  Ralph* & Ethel* Moehring
  Clarence* & Dolores* Wallace
  Bill & Barb Schmidt
  Loretta Pfefferle*
  Gertrude Gilling and Mabel Morneau*
  Fr. Orville Janssen*
  Hattie Hermsen and Elva Dorn*
  Pat & Patti Voss
  Dr. FX & Jo* Van Lieshout
  Paul & Judy Werner
  Pete Heid*
  Jackie Dungar Bertram
  Dave & Judy Simon
  Bill* & Mimi Hodgkiss
  Marvin* & Jayne* Voissem
  John & Lynn Pfefferle
  Joe & Kit Van Schyndel
  Graham & Barb Werner
  Greg & Cathie Gill
   John & Agnes* Biese
  Bill & Rose Mary O’Brien
  Doug & Sue Hahn
  Steve & Sue Taylor
  Paul & Brenda Klister
  Arnie Vandenboomen
  Scott & Veronica Morton


Previous Inductees

2017 Hall of Honors

  • Jim Rather '64  

 2016 Hall of Honors

  • Mark Miller '81
  • Tony Van Rooy '76
  • Stephen Wisnefski '86

 2015 Hall of Honors

  • Regina Bayer '80
  • Rick Romenesko '71

 2014 Hall of Honors

  • Mike Heideman '66

 2013 Hall of Honors

  • Phil Gloudemans '70
  • Kelly Kornely '63
  • Jim Pfefferle '64

 2012 Hall of Honors

  • Richard Bartosic ‘65
  • Patrick Green, PhD ‘76
  • Tim Higgins, JD ‘68
  • Amy Jean Schmitz, JD ‘88

 2011 Hall of Honors

  • Mark Collar ‘71
  • Reverend Thomas Long ‘83
  • Toni (Salm) Vogler, MD ‘94
  • Thomas Wiltzius, PhD ‘65

 2010 Hall of Honors

  • Timothy Brown, DDS ‘63
  • Michael Gregorius ‘66*
  • Maureen Riopelle ‘80

 2009 Hall of Honors

  • Tim Arens ’65*
  • Patt (Giffin) Birling ‘66*
  • Robert “Rocky” Bleier ‘64
  • Thomas Hooyman, PhD ‘74*



Biographies of Inductees