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Show them what to do. (Don't Tell them What to Do.)

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Xavier alumnus, Andrew Schmitz ’14, is an entrepreneur at heart,
always knowing he has wanted to work for himself.  While working for
others, his side hustle was creating videos for businesses seeking employee
training programs.  Schmitz understands that people retain knowledge at
higher rates through visual learning so he got creative in his capturing
methodology and eventually turned it into his full-time job when he
formally co-founded in 2019.  The company is based upon
the idea of showing people what you do as opposed to telling them what you do. 

The young company has received several accolades including a major one
last summer at Summerfest Tech.  A highlight of Summerfest Tech, now in its third year, is a competitive pitch contest.  To be eligible, startups have to have raised less than $250,000 in capital or be generating less than $500,000 in annual revenue.  The competition is fierce and the judges prestigious.  Schmitz’s company took home first place and the $12,500 prize.  Not only was the prize money nice, it opened doors and gained the young company some vital publicity. 

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Schmitz developed the idea for in November 2016 when he discovered the need for better knowledge sharing options for small businesses. A prototype for Proceed was created and he began testing the prototype with his clients.  In May of 2019, Schmitz joined with two others and officially started Proceed LLC.  September 2019 brought the addition of Mike Harper (COO) and Darren Koutnik (CTO) to the Proceed team. Both are experienced software developers and leaders with entrepreneurship backgrounds.  In January 2020, the group welcomed early adopters into before welcoming early customers in April 2020. is a cross platform web application that empowers organizations to capture and share the knowledge the business depends on using visuals like photos and videos. is used by small teams to stay competitive with better knowledge sharing, succession planning and training.’s innovative technology lowers the barrier to entry while providing the structure needed to carry into the future with visual knowledge sharing and training.

Product Details is a cloud application that works on all devices - phones, tablets, and computers. With Proceed, easily create visual experiences for training, knowledge sharing, on-boarding, and so much more.

In addition to winning Summerfest Tech’s Wisconsin Pitch contest, has been listed as Wisconsin Inno’s “21 Startups to Watch in 2021”, Mug News’ “Top 10 Startups in WI – 2020”, a Phase 3 Finalist of the Governor’s Business Plan Contest in 2020, and the 2nd place winner of the HATCH Pitch Competition of the Northeastern WI Region.