Xavier Middle School (XMS) has a vested interest in making every effort to provide a positive sports experience for our students and their families. The school believes that participation in sports can be crucial to teaching students about sportsmanship, discipline, honesty and teamwork in a faith-centered environment. We believe that participation in school-sponsored activities enhances the middle school experience for our students especially in forming friendships among classmates that may be impossible except in the athletic arena. The school works with coaches and families to ensure that this environment is provided to students. To that effect, every student who participates in XMS sports must attend, with a parent, one of the scheduled informational meetings sponsored by the school. During that meeting participants will learn about the purposes of participation in extra-curricular activities and the role each of us can play in making that participation a good experience for everyone.

At the beginning of each school sport season, prior to workouts/draft, each Xavier Middle School student in concert with his/her parents will complete an informational form which will include:

  1. basic contact/emergency information
  2. inform the school and coaches what other sports and activities that student will participate in during the school sport season.
Armed with this information coaches can select players based upon what possible conflicts may arise from players missing practices/games due to outside commitments and whether that coach is comfortable with that situation. Therefore, under the conditions as noted above, XMS students will be allowed to concurrently participate in XMS sponsored co-curricular activities as well as other community-sponsored activities. However, in support of the current Catholic League policy, XMS believes that school teams should come first. Our coaches are given the prerogative to establish consequences when players miss practices or games. These consequences should be shared with participants at the beginning of the school season. It is very important that students register to participate by the established deadline each season. Rosters must be established and schedules set with the other schools in our league. The XMS athletic director will set a deadline to register for each season. Students who do not register by the deadline will be placed on a waiting list for inclusion on existing teams.

The Athletic Director and/or coordinator of a co-curricular program will submit a list of enrolled participants to the Assistant Principal for review of their academic eligibility status.

This is the process:
  • By the third week of the quarter, grades will be checked weekly, typically on Friday.
  • Any student with a G.P.A. below 2.0 or a grade of ‘F’ in any subject is placed on probation for one week. Student may still practice and perform/play.
  • Next grade check: if student(s) on probation has raised his/her grade(s) or made satisfactory progress s/he is removed from probation. If grade has not been raised student is declared ineligible beginning the first Saturday following the latest grade check and remains ineligible for one week. The student may not participate in practices or games during this week.
  • At the next grade check, if an ineligible student has raised their grade(s) s/he is reinstated. If not, the student remains ineligible for an additional week. The student may not participate in practices or games during this week. Should a student remain ineligible for two consecutive weeks, s/he is dropped from that sport for the remainder of the season.
  • Consideration will be given to those students with identified academic needs. School administration reserves the right to determine eligibility in all cases. School administrators will notify coaches/supervisors of student status.
The emphasis for all sports shall be on participation for all athletes. Each player meeting XMS athletic code requirements must play in every game and experience quality playing time.

Participation is limited to students enrolled at Xavier Middle School who meet academic and conduct standards. The Administrator and Athletic Director will review any exception to this rule.