St. Francis Xavier
High School

1600 W. Prospect Ave.
Appleton, WI | (920) 733-6632

School Hours:
M 8:30am-3:00pm
T-F 8:00am-3:00pm

Office Hours:
M-F 7:30am-4:00pm

High School Fax: 
(920) 735-1787
High School Counseling Fax: 
(920) 257-2050


Planning for College

Xavier High School sponsors a Spring College Fair which will be held on the 2nd Tuesday in March. Over 100 college/technical school representatives are present.

Xavier High School students go through the college search and application process through their Naviance Student account. Direct links to applications will be found on the home page of a student’s Naviance Student account once he/she becomes a senior.
Other Searches
Students are encouraged to login to their Naviance Student account and view the “College Search” page for the most up to date information on a variety of college search websites.  We show students the college search capabilities of the School Selector in Career Cruising and SuperMatch in Naviance Student, but there are many options out on the web. 
Scholarship Info
Students can find this information in their Naviance Student account.  We maintain a database of scholarships Xavier students have received in the past, and there is access to a national list of scholarships.  Please also see the page “Paying for College” for more information on scholarship searches and general financial aid information.
Financial Aid
You must file a FAFSA form on-line to be eligible for financial aid and to be able to receive a financial aid package. FAFSA forms cannot be filed until after January 1. The FAFSA is free to complete.  A few out-of-state colleges require the CSS Financial Aid Profile in addition to the FAFSA form, and there is a fee for submission. Check with your college to make sure you need this.


College Goal Wisconsin
College Goal Wisconsin is a national event that provides free information and assistance to families who are filling out the FAFSA, the federally required form for students seeking financial aid, such as grants and loans. Completing the FAFSA is the first and most important step in qualifying for aid.

Resources – YouTube!