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Q. What opportunities will my child have to grow in his/her faith?

A. The reason that Xavier exists is to be able to integrate Catholic faith formation into the daily educational experience.  Theology is a required course during each of the four years.  In addition to the curriculum that is taught in each theology class, students take turns preparing a weekly prayer service that is held within the class period.  There is also a Christian service requirement for all students.  Each student is expected to complete ten hours of service each semester for a total of 80 hours for graduation.  Campus Ministry, as a co-curricular group, offers a variety of faith experiences including weekly all-school prayer services, rosary, Eucharistic adoration, reconciliation services, Friday morning Masses, and retreats.  Campus Ministry also organizes summer service trips that take place in different parts of the country as well as a service trip to the Dominican Republic during spring break.

Q. Why isn’t eight years of Catholic education enough?

A. It is sometimes thought that a child has the necessary knowledge of his/her faith and that they have developed a strong value system based on their Catholic elementary and middle school experiences and that a Catholic high school education is not necessary.  However, the challenges to one’s faith and the temptations that life offers increase during the teenage years.  During this challenging time, a person’s faith becomes their own instead of a faith that has been passed on to them from their parents.

Developmentally, high school students become more independent.  They are often more influenced by their peers than by their parents.  Without the school environment reinforcing the same values taught at home by parents, students may not have the support that they need.  The school climate and a positive peer group are crucial for high school students.

Q. How up-to-date is the technology at Xavier?

A. Some people may have the perception that a Catholic school wouldn’t have the resources necessary to provide state-of-the-art technology.  At Xavier, this is not the case.  Technology has been and continues to be a priority.  Xavier has moved to a one-to-one bring your own device (BYOD) program and has installed a robust wireless network to support it.  Many textbooks that students use are electronic versions and technology is integrated as a learning tool in all classes.

In addition, Xavier is a member of the KSCADE distance learning network.  This network of high schools in the Fox Valley plus FVTC, NWTC, UW-Fox Valley and UW-Oshkosh allows Xavier students to take certain courses from any of these schools without leaving the building.

Q. What services are available if my child needs extra academic help?

A. There is a period at the end of each day that is a designated time for teachers to be available to help students with their course work.  Athletic practices do not start until after this period so that students can get help when they need it.  In addition, members of the Xavier Honor Society are available as tutors on a regular basis.  If a student has special needs, Xavier’s Learning Specialist offers testing to determine the student’s needs and provides an educational plan to assist him/her.  Our Learning Advocate also provides tutoring and proctors tests. In addition, Xavier offers courses such as Composition, Study Skills, and Structured Reading for students who might have a deficit in these areas or just wants to strengthen those skills.

Q. What is block scheduling and what are its advantages?

A. Block scheduling is a type of daily schedule in which students typically have four 89 minute classes per day instead of eight 45 minute classes.  This allows students to be able to concentrate on fewer classes at a time.  Students do not have study halls as part of their schedules so they are able to take more classes each year with this type of schedule.  The graduation requirement is 29 credits but typically students will graduate with 30-32 credits.  The vast majority of students like the block schedule.  They most commonly comment that the day goes by more quickly.  The advantage for teachers is that it allows them to have enough time to use more creative methods of instruction.  New material can be introduced, developed and practiced within the same class period.  There is time for students to become more actively involved in the educational process instead of being spectators.  With fewer students at one time, teachers are also able to get to know the students better.

Q. What makes Xavier a college prep high school?

A. Xavier is not strictly a college prep high school.  It offers a curriculum for all students.  However, at least 95% of Xavier’s graduates do attend college.  Xavier prepares its students to be successful no matter what plans they pursue after graduation.  Xavier offers a strong curriculum in the core subjects of English, math, science and social studies with complementary courses in business education, world languages and the fine arts.  Students have many opportunities to earn college credit while attending Xavier.  There are a variety of advanced placement (AP) courses offered as well as courses in which students can receive dual credit from St. Norbert College, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Fox Valley, Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), and Fox Valley Technical College. 

Q. What is the student/teacher ratio?

A. The student/teacher ratio is 15:1.  The average class size is 21 with required courses having a slightly higher class size than this and with many of the elective courses having a smaller class size than this average.  Having generally a smaller class size is of course an advantage.  Students receive more individual attention.