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Co-Curricular Activities


Moderator:  Mrs. Lynn Zetzman
Art Club is open to all students including students who are not enrolled in art courses. On announced dates the art room remains open for two hours after school so students can engage in visual art activities. The projects students work on could be class assignments or of student-generated interest. Wheel-thrown pottery and oil painting are the most popular media for club members. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun.
A weekend field trip to experience the arts in Milwaukee is dependent on student interest. Every other year there is a Xavier Art Club trip abroad based on student interest.


Moderator:  Mrs. Jennifer Walter
The Free to Read Book Club was established in 2007-08. Interested students choose appropriate books to read during the school year. They meet weekly to not only discuss books they are reading as a group, but also to relax and read for enjoyment.


Moderator:  Mr. Steve Hurula
The Bowling Club meets almost every Tuesday during the third term at the Super Bowl on Northland Avenue in Appleton. Bowling begins at 4 pm and usually finishes before 5:30 pm. The cost per student is $5 per week, which includes shoes and two games. This is a great time for students to get together and just have fun! All students must get their own transportation to and from Super Bowl.


Coach:  Mrs. Diane Ziegler (parent)
The Bowling Team was a new organization in 2012-13 school year.  The Bowling Team competes against teams throughout the Fox Valley and Oshkosh.  The team is eligible to compete at the state level at the end of the season.  Bowling is also a club sport at Xavier and competes during the winter.  Boys and girls can participate on the Bowling Team.


Moderator:  Mrs. Jui-Lian Li
Chinese Club meets throughout the school year and is open to all students who are interested in learning about the Chinese language and culture. Xavier also has over 20 students from China every year.  They will be asked to share their language and customs with all members. Besides regular meetings, the club will hold activities to discover Chinese culture, such as participation in the events organized by local Chinese organizations, and celebratory activities held in local Chinese restaurants. 


Moderator:  Mrs. Tracy Righi-Smith
The Xavier Environmental Club encourages student involvement to increase environmental awareness at school and in the community. Students plan and run the school garden.  The food produced is donated to St. Joseph Food Pantry.  Students take on projects to enhance environmental protection and resource conservation and participate in various seminars and conferences available to high school students.


Moderator:  Mrs. Karen Hoffman
Future Business Leaders of America is a nonprofit education association with a quarter million students preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. It is the largest business career student organization in the country.
The goals of the St. Francis Xavier FBLA is to continue to be active with FBLA events. Some of the club's activities include:
·         Fall Leadership Lab - October
·         FBLA Night at the Bucks - December
·         Regional Leadership Conference (competition) - February
·         State Leadership Conference - April
·         National Leadership Competition - June
·         Miscellaneous service/social/leadership activities and field trips


Moderator:  Mr. Adam Hendrickson
The purpose of Forensics is to sharpen our speaking skills, perform and entertain, and, most of all, have fun!  Students participating in Forensics have a wide variety of options to pursue, both individual and group in nature. If you have any acting aspirations, Forensics is the perfect place for you to hone your skills and receive immediate feedback on your performance. Likewise, if you are a fan of the art of the spoken word, Forensics is a great way for you to sharpen your speaking abilities in areas such as poetry, prose, oratory, and radio broadcasting. Team practices are held once a week with individual practices occurring at chosen times during the week. Although a few competitions take place during the school week, most occur on Saturday mornings, with the season lasting from late January until early April.
If any of the descriptions above sound like you, or relate to a career you might be interested in pursuing, strongly consider making Forensics part of your co-curricular schedule!


Moderator:  Mr. Jim Zellmer
The International Club is open to the entire Xavier student body, both International and American students. Its purpose is to help integrate the international students into the school community by planning various social activities during the school year. Student club officers play an integral role in planning and organizing activities.


Moderators:  Mrs. Donna Dumke
Key Club is a service organization for high school students. This student-run international organization is a unique opportunity for Xavier students to work with members of our community. Students work to benefit hospitals, homeless shelters, elderly homes, food pantries, and children within the community to name a few. The goal of the Xavier Key Club is to develop leadership skills and good citizenship practices. Key Club is unique because it functions not only on the local level but on district and international levels. International Key Club is the largest service organization of its kind with over 125,000 members in approximately 3,600 clubs and offers leadership seminars and scholarships for members.


Moderators:  Mrs. Monica Jones and Mr. Tom Neises
Link Crew is dedicated to helping freshmen in their transition to high school, as well as promoting “The Xavier Way”. Link Leaders welcome freshmen to Xavier by hosting a high-energy orientation day. Link Leaders are members of the junior and senior classes who are committed to fostering leadership within our school.  Leaders then meet with their "crew" of freshmen on a monthly basis to build relationships, reflect on the Xavier experience, and discuss academic, social, and life lessons. Link Crew offers additional support throughout the school year with such activities as Cocoa ‘n Cram, leadership training for the 6th / 9th Grade Service Retreat, and small group activities. Freshmen are also presented with many other social opportunities to meet and get to know upperclassmen and be involved with the Xavier community.
Students who will be entering their junior or senior year and are interested in becoming members of Link Crew must attend an informational meeting in mid- April. All applicants are then interviewed and selections of Link Leaders are made in mid- May. At this time, Link Crew includes 14 juniors and 14 seniors. Link Leaders attend several days of training during May and August to prepare for the upcoming school year. Link Crew is a powerful chance to make a difference in the lives of one's schoolmates, to grow as a leader, and to build the Xavier community.


Moderators:  Mrs. Donna Dumke and Mr. Burt Blank
Although some students think those students in Math League must have perfect grades in math or be in highly advanced courses, the members of Xavier's Math League team can testify that being a member means being a thinker, a reasoner, and a solver.
The Math League competes in the Fox Valley Math League, which is comprised of schools from many areas of northeast Wisconsin. At each meet the various participating schools send as many teams as they are able, with each team consisting of no more than eight students. The first four rounds of competition are all individual and the last round is a team event. There are four questions per round with the first question being worth one point and the fourth question worth four points. The meets are held once a month on a Monday night during the months of October, November, December, February, March, and April. Students need not attend every meet to participate in Math League.


Moderator:  Mr. Alex Wolf
Mock Trial is a competitive club offered to high school students. Mock Trial teams compete in a regional tournament in order to earn the right to compete at state and national levels. Xavier's Mock Trial teams compete against other area teams both large and small.
Each school receives a casebook, which consists of rules, the case, facts about the case, and the complaint. Each state has a different case because of its unique laws, and the cases vary from year to year. After receiving the casebook, the team has three months to prepare a trial. Each team has three attorneys and three witnesses for both the defense and prosecuting sides of the trial.
Xavier has very competitive Mock Trial teams. The varsity team consistently makes it to the state tournament in Madison.


Moderator:  Mrs. Karen Hoffman
The purposes of the National Business Honor Society are to:
·         promote and recognize academic achievement in business education at the secondary level;
·         foster and recognize leadership skills and character development;
·         help members grow ethically and socially by promoting and encouraging an interest in business; and
·         encourage member involvement in service learning initiatives.
A Business Advisory Committee selects students who demonstrate outstanding performance in the three criteria of leadership, service, and social, and choose to participate in FBLA. The Business Advisory Committee consists of local business leaders and business faculty.
Sophomores, juniors and seniors will be asked to submit a completed application to the Business Advisory Committee. The application will ask the student to list the ways that he/she has fulfilled the criteria in each of the three areas. It is necessary for this application to be submitted in order to be considered for induction into the National Business Honor Society.


Moderator:  Ms. Sarah Simon
The people chosen to be Peer Helpers at Xavier High School come from a variety of groups. They are devoted, kind, open to others and good listeners. Peer Helpers are chosen on the basis of the variety of groups they are involved with, teachers' input on their ability to get along with others and overall positive people skills.
Peer Helpers are responsible for many very positive programs that happen in the hallways of Xavier High School. They create and deliver balloon bouquets and other fundraisers to pay for programming tools and supplies. Click here to access the balloon bouquet order form. 
The Peer Helpers choose to address a variety of issues throughout the year. These issues include participating in Red Ribbon Week, which is a nationwide anti-drug campaign. The issue of smoking has also been one of great concern for our Peer Helpers and we attempt to get the 'no smoking' message across to younger students by offering to present our anti-smoking campaign to all 10 of our feeder schools. Groups of our Peer Helpers go into 5th grade classrooms and spend over an hour sharing information regarding the dangers of smoking and how it is actually pretty cool to say NO. The final two programs we created revolve around the issue of underage drinking. Peer Helpers lead discussions in our 9th grade classrooms about the dangers of underage drinking and making positive choices. In addition to this, we also participate in Grim Reaper Day – traditionally the day before Prom – and offer reminders every ten minutes to students about how alcohol can affect their lives negatively.


Moderator:  Mrs. Lynn Zetzman
The purpose of the Photography Club is to teach students the art of photography.  Students will learn about what makes a picture interesting and appealing to the eye.  Students meet on a regular basis as a sub-group of the Art Club to compare and critique each other’s pictures.  Pictures are often displayed in the Wallace Gathering Hall.


Moderator:  Mrs. Cathy Lambie
Prom is a formal dinner and dance hosted by the junior class. It is held in the spring and juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend. Sophomores are allowed to attend if they are invited as the guest of a junior or senior. Freshmen are not included in this event. The Prom Committee is open to all juniors who are interested in planning Prom. The committee typically meets as needed from January until the date of the Prom. At meetings, selections for the theme of the dance such as the theme song, colors, and decorations are made. In addition, committee members help choose invitations and the menu for the Prom dinner. Typically, the night before Prom or the morning of Prom, the committee meets at the hall to decorate. On the night of the event, one committee member will begin the evening with a prayer and toast. The committee also assists the court members during coronation at the dance. Boys and girls are encouraged to get involved in making their Prom memorable by becoming involved in the Prom committee.


Moderator:  Mr. Ron Lohse
Robotics is a program for students interested in engineering or computer programming or robots. Teams of four or five students per robot compete in events sponsored by the Fox Valley Robotics League and the Robot Education and Competition Foundation (RECF) using the VEX Robotics kit produced by Innovation First, Inc. Each year a different game is announced at the World Championships.  This game is played at all competitions through the next World Championships.
The league season runs from October through January with the regional competitions held from November through early February leading to the State Championship in mid-February.  Regional competitions are usually held on Saturdays and are all-day events.  Each Xavier robot will be entered in a minimum of four regional competitions plus the state championship (should they qualify). Robots that qualify through the state championship may attend the World Championships in mid to late April.  Xavier Robotics has been highly successful over the years.
League competitions are held on weeknights and robot building and testing meets after-school and some Saturday mornings. For more information, interested students should contact Mr. Lohse.


Moderator:  Ms. Kelly Wilda
The Rock for Life Club is dedicated to defending the sacredness of all human life. Its purpose is to promote and help build a society that respects and protects individual innocent human beings from conception to natural death. Members do this through education, prayer, outreach and service. There are many opportunities for involvement throughout the year. Additionally, students are annually given the opportunity to attend the Pro-Life March in Washington, D.C., in January. Meeting days and times are determined by the group at the beginning of the school.


Moderator:  Mr. Jim Biesterveld
Ski Club is open to all students at Xavier providing a fun and exciting way to enjoy the winter months in Wisconsin. There are night trips to Granite Peak which usually occur after school on either Tuesday or Thursday nights. There is also a day trip to Brule and a weekend trip to the UP. The weekend trip is in late February and includes three days of skiing at Indianhead, Powderhorn and Black Jack Mountains along with two nights at a hotel in Ironwood.
Recently, the Ski Club has also ventured out west to Colorado for a spring break trip in the Rockies. The club is plans these trips in odd-numbered years.
Specific information about each year's trip plans is always handed out at our November meeting. At that time permission slips are handed out and the sign up begins.


Moderator:  Mrs. Mary Elmer
Spanish Club is open to all Spanish students who want to reach a greater understanding of Hispanic culture and the Spanish language. In addition to meetings, members also go out into the community to share their Spanish knowledge and skills with others. Through membership, students will attain a greater respect for Hispanic cultures, practice their Spanish and meet other Xavier students who have similar interests. Annual activities include fiestas, movies, celebrating Hispanic holidays, constructing piñatas, breakfasts and lunches at Hispanic restaurants, and becoming involved with Appleton's Hispanic community through various organizations.


Moderator:  Mrs. Kris Clouthier (past parent)
The Spirit Think Tank meets on a weekly basis during the fall and winter sports seasons to organize ways the student body will show school spirit at that week's games. The group decides on how the student body will dress and then communicates that to the students during lunches and through after-school announcements. Members of this group are the leaders of the cheering during games (supporting the cheerleaders at football games).


Moderator:  Ms. Chris Steinlage
Student Ambassadors use their love for Xavier and desire to build the community to represent Xavier in the community and encourage prospective students to come to Xavier. Student Ambassadors host and facilitate Xavier Preview Night and 8th Grade Day. They also assist in registration nights and middle school visits. Ambassadors also welcome future Hawks who want to shadow or tour the school. Finally, Student Ambassadors represent Xavier by attending various functions at their partner grade and middle schools in order to show support and encouragement for the many talented young people that God has made.
Any Xavier student is welcome to join Student Ambassadors. Students are allowed to join at any time throughout the school year by simply attending the Ambassadors meetings as they occur.


Moderators:  Mrs. Kelli McGreevey and Ms. Sarah Simon
The Xavier Student Council works with the student body to have concerns heard, advocates on behalf of the students to the administration, builds school spirit and helps the administration and teachers to make the Xavier community a success.
Student Council organizes various activities for the school community throughout the year such as:
·         Seventh/Eighth Grade Day
·         Freshman Orientation Lunch
·         Teacher Appreciation Week
·         Homecoming Week Activities and Dance
·         Blue & White Week
·         Blood Drives
·         Speakers
·         Student Issues
New members are always welcome. Meetings are after school bi-monthly on Wednesdays in Room 115.


Moderator:  Mr. Jim Romenesko
Students are encouraged to participate in the production of mainstage shows at Xavier. Any student with a desire to work as a member of a team will find an opportunity to develop skills through working as an actor, singer, construction worker, stagehand, prop artist or lighting/sound technician.
Performers are asked to audition for roles. Technical work days are usually held after school and scheduling is flexible. Upcoming projects are announced in homeroom and posted on the bulletin board in the backstage corridor.


Moderator:  Mr. David Kubisch
Venturing is a youth development program of the Boy Scouts of America for young men and women who are age 14 through 20 years of age.  Venturing's purpose is to provide positive experiences to help young people mature and to prepare them to become responsible and caring adults.  Venturing is based on a unique and dynamic relationship between youth, adult leaders, and organizations in their communities. It is a program of exciting and meaningful activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, develop leadership skills, and become good citizens.


·         Chinese – Mrs. Jui-Lian Li
·         French – TBD
·         German – Mrs. Connie Rosenbaum
·         Spanish – Mrs. Mary Elmer

Sophomores, juniors and seniors who excel academically in their Chinese, French, German and/or Spanish classes may become members of the respective World Language Honor Society. In addition to maintaining a GPA of 3.5 in their language, students must earn a specified number of languages, culture, and/or service points to be accepted for membership each year. Each spring new and continuing members are honored at a ceremony and reception. Applications for membership are available from world language teachers.


Moderators:  Mrs. Kelli McGreevey

The Xavier National Honor Society seeks to recognize students for excellence in their academic achievements, their contributions to the school community and their service to others.  Students who are Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors will be invited to apply in February if they meet GPA, behavior and leadership requirements.  There will be a minimum GPA (cumulative) requirement of 3.5 or better for seniors, 3.7 for juniors and 3.9  for sophomores. Transfer students must have been at XHS for one year prior to applying. Students invited to apply will not have received discipline while at Xavier High School for disrespectful conduct in class, intellectual dishonesty or serious infractions of school rules and must have no law violations.
Seniors who become members for the first time their senior year must complete a minimum of 5 hours of Honor Society sanctioned service prior to being eligible to  receive a gold cord for graduation. 
Students who meet these basic GPA qualifications will be invited to submit a letter of application that highlights information about their involvement in clubs, teams, the community, and service, as well as any awards and/or honors they have received.  Forms will be available in late January, due in February, and membership will be confirmed by April.
Students who previously applied and are current members of Xavier National Honor Society must have completed a minimum of 10 hours of service for National Honor Society projects/tutoring prior to the February application due date in order to have their membership “renewed.” Additionally, they may not have been disciplined for disrespectful conduct in class, intellectual dishonesty or serious infractions of school rules nor can they have any law violations. Students who qualify for membership are expected to increase their responsibilities and leadership within the school.  


Moderator:  Mrs. Candace Eisch-Groebner
Xavue, Xavier's high school yearbook, is created and produced by students taking the class for either one or two semesters. Students who do not need the credit may join yearbook club to help create Xavue. Yearbook is open to all grades.
Students are responsible for developing the theme, taking pictures, book and page layout, and presenting the high school year in a fun and creative manner. Students are assigned pages and are responsible for designing and completing them by a designated due date. The graphic design program is an online program allowing for schedule flexibility. Class meets once a week, Mondays from 7:30-8:15 am. In addition, students are expected to work on their page assignments outside of class time, including gathering information, taking pictures, and designing their page.


Freshman Moderator: Mr. Aaron Handevidt
Sophomore Moderator:  Mrs. Chris Steinlage
Junior Moderator: Mr. Tom Neises
Senior Moderator: Mr. Steve Hurula