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Christian Service

       In order to better serve our community organizations and streamline the process for recording and verifying service hours, we will be moving to an online service hour management system, Get Nvolved. The website was introduced to the students at the end of the 2016-17 school year and each student should have created an account. Directions on how to create an account and record hours have been emailed to your students. Only service hours filed through Get
Nvolved will be accepted. Your student has an e-mail from Ms. Wilda with further instructions on how to enter the current total of hours earned by category so that the website has a full account of the service completed.

       One additional change - while 20 hours of community service are still required each school year, we will now have only one deadline. The deadline will be in early May and students must have all hours submitted and verified by the organizations by that time. If service hours are not complete by the deadline, the student will accrue a period of suspension from sports and activities for every day beyond the deadline that the service is not done. Those 21 days will be served in the fall if the student does not have events after the May deadline. Service hours will no longer be recorded as a grade on the transcript. However, a checkbox on the transcript will need to be filled in order for the student to graduate.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Wilda or Mr. Mauthe.

*Students may not do service work for family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, etc)--that is part of being part of a family!*

must have a minimum of the following number of hours in each of the listed categories:

10 hrs Nursing Home/Hospital/Elderly

20 hrs Parish

30 hrs Non-profit community organization

20 hrs Other (work done for Xavier or extra hrs in the above categories)

The class of 2018 will complete the Junior Service Project before the end of first semester of their senior year. More information can be found on this page (to the right).

Questions about service hours should be directed to Ms. Wilda