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Track and Field

Track & Field is a coed sport for all high school ages and has events for every type of athlete.  If you are hard working, dedicated and respectful, there is a place for you on our team.   Track and Field is an extremely diverse sport because we need people who can run mid and long distances, jump far horizontally or high vertically, people that can sprint at high speeds, sprint while striding hurdles, people that have the power & coordination to throw implements far, and people that have a combination of willingness and courage to pole vault.  We need all these people to help make our team successful!

Athletes will compete in indoor meets and outdoor meets. No experience necessary! Contact Coach Nicole Ebben at with any questions. 
The online calendar lists all games, and any updates, for any Xavier High athletic team.  Any event(s) listed below are featured events  regarding Xavier Athletics.

Our XHS Track and Field program objectives are the following:

1.       Create a positive, healthy, competitive and winning environment for student athletes.
2.       Represent Xavier High School in a manner consistent with our faith based values.
3.       Assist in the growth of our student athletes from teens to happy healthy young adults by providing them with both athletic and life skills.
4.       Build a program where the constituents involved can trust that the best interests of XHS and the student athletes are being considered daily and that each athlete is equally important.
5.       Establish a program with open, candid and honest communication channels between administration, coaches, players and parents.