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ImPACT Testing

ImPACT testing is a requirement for all student athletes at Xavier High School, and it applies regardless of which sport they will participate in at XHS.

All incoming freshmen, incoming juniors, and any student athlete new to Xavier must complete ImPACT testing prior to the start of the school year.  Participants in all sports, not just a sport considered a "contact sport", need to have the baseline testing done prior to the new academic year.

ImPACT testing should be done in the summer, regardless of the season in which each athlete will participate in at XHS.   For exam test dates and times and room numbers, see the online XHS Calendar.  Tests are administered at Xavier, usually in Computer Lab room 123.

ImPACT (Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a computer program purchased by the Xavier Booster Club.  It enables our athletes to complete a baseline test score so that in the event of a concussion, the athlete can be assessed for the severity of the injury.

All testing is done free of charge and is administered by our certified athletic trainer. Be sure to bring along the completed permission slip/form signed by a parent and the athlete.  The form is available via either of two options: 1) at Xavier High School, on the table in the upper gym lobby across from the art room, or, 2) via the "Quick Links" section above.

The testing process takes approximately 45 minutes, but allow one hour total for the entire process.  An advance reservation is not required.

Please refer to the resources listed above in the "Quick Links" section for an introductory letter and form for ImPACT Testing as well as athlete and parent concussion informational sheets. 

The ImPACT paperwork/forms and CONCUSSION paperwork/forms are different, and both are required.

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