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Welcome...  to the new web home of athletic teams at Xavier High School in Appleton, WI.  This web site replaces the web site, as well as other sites that were previously used by various sports teams at Xavier High.  Adjust your bookmarks, if necessary.

For team info, use the SPORTS heading at the left, or, check out the many, new links under the ATHLETICS heading to see lots of info about the high school athletic teams and athletic program.

If you are using a cell phone, or just want to utilize a very easy-to-use, quick way to move around the web pages of the high school Athletic section, check out this SPORTS LINKS page that provides key links to the many pages within the Athletics section of this System web site.


Interscholastic athletic activities are an integral part of our educational curriculum at Xavier High School because they provide experiences that are difficult to duplicate in other school activities.  Athletic participation provides unique opportunities for students to promote their mental, physical, social, spiritual, and emotional development.  The focus of our athletic teams is to develop character in experiences that embody spirituality, togetherness, achievement, and respect.

As the Athletics section of this new System website is being developed in the summer of 2014, there will eventually be many more pages added to this Athletics section.  Please check back, particularly if you are looking for pages regarding specific sports teams at Xavier High School.  More of those pages will eventually be available, later this summer or fall, via links found along the left-hand side of this site, under the ATHLETICS heading.

The online calendar, and links to team schedules, is now available on this System web site on its own page.  Use the 1-click Schedules & online XHS Calendar link found under the ATHLETICS section at the left or in the tabs across the top of this web site.  The calendar and schedules are on an external rSchool web site.  The online calendar lists all events for XHS; find the link to that calendar in the ATHLETICS section of this web site.

The online calendar will list ALL events, and any updates, for Xavier High School.  Use the 1-click Schedules & online XHS Calendar link found under the ATHLETICS section at the left.


  • to develop leadership skills and responsibility
  • to grow in team commitment and school loyalty
  • to demonstrate and encourage sportsmanship and team spirit
  • to treat others respectfully
  • to deal positively with success and adversity
  • to lead a healthy lifestyle

We are very proud of our athletic program at Xavier High School and hope you can be part of it as a participant and/or a fan.  Xavier athletics has a rich tradition of success, and each class contributes to that legacy.  Typically, well over half of our student body participates in athletics each year.   Athletics -- the extension of the classroom -- is a great way to experience many additional opportunities, social experiences, and life lessons.  Incoming freshmen who participate in a fall sport are often able to acclimate and enjoy new associations before school even begins!

Any foreign students or international exchange students interested in participating in interscholastic athletics at XHS must contact the Xavier Athletic Director as soon as possible, after their enrollment at Xavier has been confirmed, so that eligibility may be determined by the WIAA.