Co-Curricular Activities

Art Club
Moderator: Anne Baruth
Art Club is open to all St. Francis Xavier Middle School students and is an after school opportunity for them to advance their artistic skills.  Students can either do new projects or they can bring their regular class work to a higher degree of magnificence and skill.

Moderator: Dennis Ferron (Athletic Director)
St. Francis Xavier Middle School offers a NO CUT athletic program.  The number of teams is determined by the number of students who sign up.  Everyone is given the opportunity to play in every game.  Participation is limited to students enrolled at St. Francis Xavier Middle School who meet academic and conduct standards.  We offer the following sports to our students:

  • Basketball
  • Softball
  • Cheerleading
  • Tackle Football (8thGrade)
  • Cross Country
  • Tennis
  • Flag Football
  • Track
  • Intramural Athletics
  • Volleyball
  • Saturday Basketball Assoc.
  • Wrestling
Chess Club
Moderator: Michael Mathews
The Chess Club is open to all students regardless of knowledge or experience.  Instruction will be provided and students will participate in tournaments and matches with other schools.

Moderator: Kristin Lynch
Forensics promotes self-confidence and helps improve speaking ability.  Students who participate become part of a team which competes against other middle schools.  Examples of categories which may be chosen are: storytelling, demonstration, play-acting, group interpretation of literature, solo acting, and dramatic reading of poetry or prose.  Practices are held after school or during lunch hour.

Inside Out (Literary Magazine)
Moderator: Jackie Bouchard
Inside Out is an annual literary magazine composed of poems and drawings from our students.  It is published as part of our yearbook.

Jazz Band
Moderator: contact Joe Linsmeier for more information
The St. Francis Xavier Middle School Jazz Band is made up of 8th grade band members, plus keyboard and/or guitar players from the general class who join by audition.  Rehearsals are held from January to May for performances at the Xavier Food Fair and the Spring Concert.

VEX Robotics
Moderator: Bill Ryno
VEX robotics is a worldwide game and competition program created to get kids excited about science and technology. VEX teams design, build, program, and operate robots in a theme-based challenge. This program engages kids in STEM principles, and it emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, and community involvement. VEX is open to all interested St. Francis Xavier Middle School students.

Liturgy Choir
Moderator: Anna Vanden Hogan
Liturgy Choir is a volunteer musical opportunity for any St. Francis Xavier Middle School student who would like to sing for school liturgies.  Students who play drums, guitars, flutes, violins, clarinets and trumpets are also invited to join.  Members attend weekly practices.

Math Club
Moderator: Jill Kiepert
The Math Club is for any student who is interested in problem solving.  The students work out challenging problems and explore various types of mathematics.  All members of the math club participate in the Xavier Math Bowl competition and the top 8 performers compete in the MathCounts competition held in Sheboygan.  To get a feel for the pressures involved in competing, students are involved in mock competitions.  The math club is a great opportunity to bring out academic talents as well as enhance math skills.

WEB Crew (Student Mentoring)
Moderator: Sara Peters, Beth Gear, Mary Casey, Colleen Stoll
WEB crew is an orientation and transition program using 8th grade students as mentors for 5th grade students.  Students are selected for this group based on an application process. 

National History Day
Moderator: contact Joe Linsmeier for more information
The St. Francis Xavier Middle School National History Day team combines love of history with learning the in-depth research and presentation tools of historians – documentary, website, exhibit, performance, and scholarly paper – for a fun and intellectual pursuit that lasts all year.  Beginning in late September, students prepare for a regional competition at UW Green Bay in April, with a chance to qualify for state at the Wisconsin Historical Society in May.  All grades are eligible, up to ten students per category.

Scrabble Club
Moderator: contact Joe Linsmeier for more information
The Scrabble Club is open to all interested students in grades 6-8 and is an opportunity to them to have fun with friends while learning to play Scrabble.  If they already know how to play, they can improve their skills.  Meetings are held after school during the winter months.

Ski Club
Moderator: contact Joe Linsmeier for more information
The Ski Club, which is run by parent volunteers, is open to all students who enjoy skiing or snowboarding.  Beginners are also welcome!  Club members travel by bus on non-school days to various ski hills in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.  Students and their parents are responsible for all fees for these trips.

Student Council
Moderator: Pat Olander
The Student Council provides service projects and outreach to our own community and the greater global community. Fundraisers are held throughout the year to earn money for these projects.

Tech Team
Moderator: Drew Hicks
The Tech Team is open to all interested students in grades 6-8.  Members work on theatrical lighting, theatrical sound, and providing audio-visual support to teachers.  Training is provided by a staff moderator