Food Fair


Thank you!
A special thank you to all who participated as volunteers, sponsors, donors, and guests for Food Fair this year. We are so incredibly grateful to everyone involved in making this such a wonderful event. It is overwhelming to see how the Xavier Catholic Schools community comes together and selflessly gives so generously of its time and talent.  
A very special thanks to our magnificent chairpeople:
Asian Booth:  Maiyoua Thao
Bake Shop:  Jen and Joe Feldhausen. Theresa Gouin
Bookstore:  Kim Oskar
British Booth:  Jon and Martha Richey
Dutch Booth:  Lori and Dave Jore
Children's Fair:  Alexa Bonneville, Madeline Mleziva, Keegan Sawin, Jenna Schmitt, Alli Schneider, Kristin Seidler, and Amy Bires
Coffee Shop:  Hollie and Clyde Weycker, Cathy and Paul Lombardi
Frozen Tundra and French Booths:  Carol Schubert, Connor Simon, Sean Curran and XHS Entrepreneurship Class
Garden Shop:  Jenny Simon and Trina Batley
German Booth:  Vicky and David Earle
Hawaiian Booth:  Kim Maguire, Rose Ripp, Heather Sorebo
Italian Booth:  Cindy Coughlin, Kim O'Brien, Kelly Helein
Latin American Booth:  Suzie and Tim Vosters, Cesar Martinez, Andy and Maxine VandeHey, Kristin and Dan Killian
Silent Auction:  Kathy and Keith Barth
Silent Auction Procurement:  Carol Schubert and XHS Business Management & Leadership Class
Supply Booth:  Rob Magnin
Yankee Grill:  Boyd and Nancy Seidler
We'd also like to extend our deep appreciation to Jim Biesterveld (Facilities Extraordinaire and all around Superman), Jim Romenesko (Entertainment guru) and all performers, Lisa Hansen and Jill Draves (Finance and Banking), Lynn Zetzman for the wonderful Student Art Show, Kathy Bates and XHS Sport teams for table maintenance, Sue Briski for helping with the silent auction, Kelly McGreevey and her Introduction to Foods class for preparing food for the French and Frozen Tundra booths, Jen Andree and Emily Lamers for all of the little and big things, and Mike Mauthe for all of his help.
To those we inadvertently missed, we apologize and please know we really appreciate all you did.
Our heartfelt and humble thanks to everyone,
Lisa Pfaff, Bob Biebel, and Stephanie Zinser

We hope you will join us on Sunday, May 6, 2018 for the 46th Annual International Food Fair!

Check out the Animoto from the 2017 Food Fair by clicking here.

Check out the Animoto from the 2016 Food Fair by clicking here.